price increase question

  1. i am new to LV and thinking about buying a speedy (damier 25) in the next month or two. all of this talk about a possible price increase has me wondering if i should move on it now or if i can wait. when you talk price increase on the speedy 25 are you talking like $20, $50, $100+? anybody have a general idea?
  2. In the past year, I have seen the price of the Speedy 30 steadily increase. Around this time last year it was priced at $560. It then went up to $585 and now it is $620. The price seems to go up about $25-35 with every price increase. If you can afford the bag now and you're sure that you want it, I would suggest that you just go ahead and get it now.
  3. Generally, a price increase entails about a 6-7% increase on most bags and occurs 3-4 times a year :push:
  4. at some point the speedy will be up to like a grand. LV has to slow down...
  5. If there is an increase it would make sense for March 1, same as last year...but with the batignolles decrease, I wouldn't be so sure
  6. I remember when the speedy 25 was like $500.
  7. I also remember when the Speedy 25 was about $500 dollars. It's sad how fast the prices are rising. It's happened many times in the store where they had to take out the old price on an item and exchange it for a higher price. But we all know that the world will keep on buying Louis Vuitton; price increase or not.
  8. I dunno, last few times in Canada the price increases each time were about 5-7.5%
  9. when is the next price increase going to take place -anyone wanna place a bet - HA! HA!
  10. haha! I like the way you think! it's like...who cares how much they increase by? just buy EVERYTHING before the increase!!! lol Okie, I'm gonna bet March 1:idea: