Price increase question.

  1. I looked so if I missed a new post, Im sorry! I know there was the rumored increase that would start today so I was wondering if anyone knows what the new prices on the flaps and ST would be... I should say confirmed new prices. TIA for any info.
  2. My SA called me today telling me there was an increase today of either 5% or 7%.......sorry, I don'tknow the new prices on the flaps...just call up any Chanel store and ask.

    I can't believe they did another increase so quickly!!!!
  3. :crybaby: :crybaby: sad news, just when I'm trying to buy a classic peice
  4. Hmm, I called the Chanel boutique at the Wynn and the SA told me it was just the Timeless CC totes that were increased today. He told me the flaps are still the same. I asked him to check the Jumbo Caviar (which I'm waitlisted for in the new red) and it is still $2250. Phew! :yahoo:
  5. sooooooo, did gst/pst's go up today???
  6. Brendan called me today to let me know the GST went from $1,750 to $1,895.:yes:
  7. Yes it/they did. I know the GST did - went from 1650 to 1750 and now the newest price is $1895. :yucky:
  8. I thought it went up to $1995 or was that the classic flap?
  9. Does anyone know if the Medallion went up to 1895 as well?
  10. How About The Increase Price For Pst??
  11. sad news!I believe that the prices they is high!
  12. I bought a GST from the Chicago Chanel store and it was $1995..but this was this past Saturday.
  13. I could kiss you, the Chanel SA and my SA! I got the same news so hopefully it stays that way for awhile! DH has me on a ban and so I hope that it stays for @ least a month. I want the jumbo black caviar. :yahoo:
  14. wow and this was over a time span of like 2 months?!
  15. Is the price increase applicable worldwide?