Price Increase on Recently Released Items

  1. I have a question regarding potential price increases. When the price increases roll around do they normally also apply it to newer the Neverfull? I was going to purchase a non LV purse but if the price increase is going to hit this one too then I'd rather purchase it now. :shrugs:
  2. I believe the price of the Neverfull line is rather inexpensive compared to other lines.
  3. Yep it totally is!
  4. Well typically all pieces increase in price...however, the last increase only affected certain lines (Multicolore was hit particularly hard)!

    The price increase also isn't confirmed or anything.
  5. I think the neverfull will definetly join the next price hike as it's underpriced already.
  6. i live in the uk and the price increase is not much.

    but the last price increase some items were reduced in prices. such as wapity, cles, mini lin speedy by about £5.

    the BH is even scary it went from £420 (or £425) to £350 now.

    but i hope there is not another price increase but it seems like the due date is near from LV.
  7. price increases make me sad :sad: i hope the neverfull doesnt i love the price its at !
  8. boo i hate to hear about that. great another thing to add to the rush list of things to buy.
  9. lol. im gonna have to sell my soul on eBay to afford it all!
  10. When there's a price increase it usually affects all pieces. If not, then also LE pieces might also be spared.

    Sophia: I like your new avatar! very pretty! ;)
  11. I know! The MC line was butchered! :wtf:
  12. I guess we'll see around the first week of July ???
  13. bummer..what about inclusions??