Price increase on Pandora Jewelry!!!!

  1. I just wanted to let you ladies know that on May 14th there is going to be a price increase of 13% on all Pandora jewelry.:sad: That I think is quite an increase. You can at some locations put items aside now and do layaway with the current price of the beads.
  2. Wow, that is a big increase! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. I just got an email from one of the stores I've shopped at in the past for beads. It said the prices were going up 20-60%...anyone know if this is just a sales scare tactic? I think that sounds a bit too extreme.
  4. A friend of mine called a sales store and they said across the board Pandora is raising their prices and they told her 13% so maybe other stores are raising there prices higher than that.
  5. I read about this yesterday. Ugh, that really stinks! :yucky: Does anyone know if this applies to the trollbead brand as well?
  6. this is the email i got from the website Elisa Ilana:

    Yes the prices will increase to match current gold and silver prices 30-60 percent on May 14th.
    Sincerely Ed Luben, Elisa Ilana Customer Service
  7. I've been hearing on QVC that the price of gold and silver has gone up substantially. It really is unfortunate. Everything is getting too expensive. :girlsigh:
  8. yea it sucks a lot!!! :smile:

    does anyone know if bello paradiso is a safe place to buy pandora beads from?
  9. Hmm, I don't know. I just looked up the site and I'm not too sure either. Are they located within the US?

    Their prices look cheaper on the beads but maybe I'm wrong?

    What beads were you looking to get?
  10. hey ok i looked up more about it and i believe it is an authorized dealer, i googled about it and its listed as a place to buy italian charms and panora on and a few other sites so i think its ok

    and the prices are exactly the same :smile: I "built a bracelet" on 3 dif sites 1st the womans site whos on TPF but she didnt have the bead i really wanted in stock so i went to a next site and the next one they only offer free shipping which takes forever and it isnt insured for the full value which i dont like

    and so then this site i found and it is free shipping and fully insured for $2 and they had all the beads i wanted and same exact total price

    and i didnt want to order yet i doont quite have the $ but i put it on my CC and will worry later haha
    cause i dont want to wait till after th 14th cause then i will never ever be able to buy them , they will be way too $$

    I got 2 cats (for my 2 babies), i got the SS purse with the CZ in it, i got the Queen Bee with the gold crown, i got the Star of David with the silver loop that goes on the bracelet but then the star is SS and i got the Teapot with the gold little top dot on the handle!!! :smile:

    This is my first bracelet and im PSYCHED!
  11. Ooh, I love the queen bee. I'm thinking about gettting that one. I also like the dolphin as well. I've been thinking about starting a bracelet for the past year but I like the trollbeads better.

    I guess I better get the couple of pandora beads I want now.

  12. the queen bee is sooo cute! i love the dolphin too but i was trying to just get pieces that represented me to a T and my baby kitties and my parents (tea pot for mom jewish star for dad)

    I havent seen a site that has the troll ones where i could really see a lot of them and a great selection :sad:

    are they the same idea??

    i really love the base bracelet for pandora more then the troll ones (thats all i could find was the base bracelet to see on the troll thing)

    And it sucks that the troll cant fit on pandora as well!
  13. I seen the name elisa iliana. I think the rate increase affects the trollbead brand as well, bummer. I can't afford to make a whole bracelet right now. I guess I will just get the bracelet and a few of the beads.

    I like the beads that trollbeads offers but it just depends on what you like. They have a buddha, fairy, and several other ones that I want.
  14. New pricing for Pandora was effective May 14. New prices vary. You will see the most increase on two tone beads that have both silver and gold on it.

    Pandora had to raise the price of their jewelry due to the increase of precious metals in the global market.

    I hope that the increase won't stop you from buying Pandora because it is an excellent product. With a lot of silver beads priced at $20, it is still affordable.

    Pandora will be releasing several new gold charms with dangles that should be available in a few days.

  15. It for sure won't stop me from buying beads...I love my bracelets so much. I did buy a few that were on my wishlist before the increase so I should be good for a while ;)

    Pat, I have to say again, your website is one of the best I've seen for Pandora. I just wish it was easier to ship to Canada :sad: