Price increase on for some CL classics

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  1. I was just looking to see if anything new had been added and I notice the prices have gone up on some of the classics. The black patent and kid vp's are now $795, suede declics are $685 and the black yoyo's are $625. I think the rolandos went down $5. They are now $695 and I thought they had been $700. Not all of the prices went up, however. Not certain when they made the change.
  2. I saw that too rons! :wtf: What's going on?
  3. In a recession, it doesn't make much sense for prices to go up.:shrugs:
  4. And what's with the $5 decrease in Rolandos? As if that makes any difference or sense. kittens, did you notice that groceries are going up too? You're right, it doesn't make any sense.
  5. I thought the Declics were $685 all season. What I can't believe is that the Rolandos went from $610 to $700.
  6. Hrm. The rolandos are the same price at Saks.
  7. Oh. I thought they were $700 and now they're $695?
  8. We shop at Wholefoods most of the time and their prices are always high.:sad:
  9. Wholefoods is awesome! It is pricey like you said, that's why I don't shop there regularly.
  10. NM just finally caught up to Saks, is all. For a while it was cheaper.

    One you didn't mention -- Simples are up to $595 from $575.

    I'm interested to see if they charged me $795 for the VPs that I preordered at $770. They will be hearing about it, if they did.
  11. Oh wow. Let us know, I'm curious. That would suck if they did!
  12. Everything has gone up here. Bananas were 57 cents a pound in October. Now they're 78 cents a pound. I have no idea why.
  13. I noticed a few weeks ago changed the prices on their VP's from $770 to $795 and the Declics went from $665 to $685. Booooooooooo
  14. I thought prices were supposed to go down...there were so many articles in the papers about it...
  15. The VPs at Saks are now $795 too.