Price increase on July 1, worldwide?

  1. Is it just a rumour or is it true? And also for Europe? I'd appreciate any info - deciding on getting the Roxbury in amarante before or after July 1 lol.
  2. I would love to know this too!
  3. Will keep my fingers crossed that this is just a rumor...
  4. UGH...I hope this is a rumor....can anyone in the US confirm?
  5. OMG I hope not !!!
  6. Dangit!! Hope it's a rumor! I wanted to buy a new LV for my birthday (July 6)
  7. That no-one knows yet tells me it's probably not true?
  8. Well, we are definitely getting a price increase in my country as the govt is raising the tax rate, it is not exclusive to LV thou, but to everything in MY country only. I hope this isn't how the rumour has spread. :weird: Hope no one misunderstood.
  9. ^Thanks for letting us know. I don't know whether there will be a non-tax related increase though.
  10. Someone posted an article about this a few weeks ago. I think LV is raising their prices to keep the "exclusivity" of the bag or whatnot.
  11. WHAT?!?!?!?! wonder the mirage speedy is SO EXPENSIVE! ****, i hope that doesnt go any higher, as its ALREADY $1800...FOR A SPEEDY!!! :sad: that was supposed to be my bday gift...argh! stupid LV...
  12. Except for that ONE post that I saw talking about a price increase (by chloe I believe) and the other post about Singapore raising their prices because of GST, I haven't heard anything else :shrugs:
  13. As much as I hate to say it, it most likely WILL be higher than that. Most of the look book prices go up! :sad:
  14. I saw another member's post that she was in Dubai and the prices over there are going up... :push:
  15. Spoke to my SA today. Told me he was not aware of any price increase as of July 1. Then again, many SA's are not very updated about upcoming styles so I'm taking this with a grain of salt.....Just in case, I'm buying my stuff before July! He did tell me that the price of the speedy mirage may or may not be $1800, it may be that or a "few hundred" more. I hope not!