Price increase on UK

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  1. I don't know if this has been posted previously, but the prices have been increased on the UK site :sad:
    it's now £228 for a scarf (at least it's not £265!) and £645 for cashmere shawls.
  2. Yes there's some threads about this's getting a bit silly with the state of most peoples finances....
  3. Yes I noticed it this morning too.

    The silver Chain d'ancre bracelet I was contemplating has gone up by £62 !!! :crybaby:
  4. Yes, I nearly had a heart attack when I bought my cashmere shawl the other day, I doubt I will be buying any more any time soon, which is a shame, because there are some lovely new designs
  5. I have to say I'm quite shocked at how much some of the items have gone up by. The 90cm scarves are a silly price now as are the shawls well over £600. The enamel bangles when i first started looking at them this time last year were around £220-£230 now they are £265. Will really have to think twice before purchasing H in the future!!
  6. I agree llb, this prices are a bit crazy esp when other countries are still the same price. I got a belt for £313 just before xmas, it is now £350.
  7. I don't think it only happened in UK though. I was at an H store during a business trip last week. The price has already been increased, now it costs EURO 275 for a 90x90 Carre and if I remember right, a 30 Birkin went up about 10%.

    H website in other european countries increased their price today too.
  8. Just checked again and the enamel bangles are actually £275 :nuts: and thats the narrow ones. The Isthme horn pendant i got just before Christmas was £132 now its £150 crazy. There's sometimes a psychological barrier that I don't want to go over a certain price, like for instance the Enamel bangles when they were under £250 seemed like a bit of a bargain but over £250 and nearly £300 they seem too expensive. I don't know I bet in a couple of months I won't think anything of it!!!
  9. The narrow clic clacs are now £310 in store, this is now over my psychological barrier, so I won't be purchasing one of these.
  10. :throwup: i think i'll just hold off all my purchases until i can get them duty free now.. bleugh!
  11. Hmm.....have to say it's making me a little miffed! It seems like nothing more than greed when we've been subjected to three price increases in less than 18 months
  12. Is the price increase on all the bag styles or only few??
  13. It's on EVERYTHING!!
  14. I understand you, but in some countries around the world, the prices have either decreased or remained the same.
  15. Mooks, I do think it is greedy, in the UK, we are in such a terrible position, economy wise etc and then this.