Price increase on Fine Jewelery and Watches!

  1. Dear friends, sorry to bring you this terrible news. The SA at Chanel Boutique in South Coast Plaza has told me today that Chanel fine jewelery price is going to increase by 7-10% on Feb, 18th (yes, in two days:yucky:). The price on J12 is going to increase on March 1st :cursing:. Can anyone else confirm this?
  2. :shocked:i thought fine jewelery and watches weren't increasing until april 1st?? I was going to wait until Saks ECG to get another j12 but if this is true I need to move fast!
  3. the last time (2 weeks ago) i was at CHanel Wynn, the SA told me the price increase is going to be in April.... so i'm not sure if this helps....
  4. Really? Can someone confirm on this....hope to know when is the actual new price increase for the watches especially...:smile:
  5. I'd heard a rumor for Feb for watches/jewelry but I didn't pay a whole lot of attention. My SA is on maternity leave so I can't ask her.
  6. I've heard that too although I'm not sure of the exact date. Didn't they have an increase this past fall?
  7. SCP told me February as well. That's why I bought my Camelia ring in January before the increase.
  8. ^^I was told that also Mon. I went ahead and bought my j12 in January. I also heard it was going to be a big increase.:tdown:

  9. This is making me very, very sad. :sad:
  10. I know, the ridiculour price increases combined with weak dollars!:throwup: BTW, the SA also told me there will be a overall of ~15% price increase in 2008 in Fine Jewelery and Watchs, probabely done in two-step-increase though.
  11. So have the prices already gone up?? :wtf:

    OMG, this is not good... can anyone confirm that has recently bought or inquired about watches or jewelry?
  12. I know the prices of the watches have not gone up yet. It's supposed to go up on April 1st but now there's rumor of it going up on march 1st.
  13. OMG... thanks for the relief! I was freaked out that watches had already gone up! :hysteric:

    UGH, I don't know why these price increase rumors are always changing... shouldn't it be SET knowledge w/ various SA's? I mean, these are NOT teensy increases like LV's. Wouldn't it be to their advantage to "sell" if they told people, "o, this is going up, grab it if you can" instead of throwing out odd dates that sometimes conflict w/ other info from other SA's, that just end up confusing customers?

    Either way, these are like 10% increases... and on a $5000 watch? That's insane... now I just need to work on convincing everyone to give me my graduation gift in MARCH rather than June. (Which won't likely happen :sad:)
  14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I was planning to buy my J12 in March during EGC.
  15. I have a question. Does anyone know the price on White gold Camelia Cacholong small studs? I asked the boutique but they couldn't locate the price they said it might be somewhere around 1,600.... that's a little ridiculous? there are no diamonds on it... and it's pretty small...