price increase on certain items

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  1. :shrugs:I was just wondering why they didn't increase prices on some items like the mc porte-tressor interantional and the mono zippy coin curse??? Is this normal?
  2. I looked at the LV website this morning and I don't see any changes to the prices yet.
  3. Ok. I just looked at the website again, and I believe the prices are up to date now. I don't believe that they raised their prices on all of the items.
  4. ^^ oops...I meant to type international and purse not curse lol
  5. yeah I just noticed that too...I don't think that's fair if they're going to increase prices on items then it should be on ALL items
  6. My SA told me on Sunday that they're going to increase prices on everything except ties..... 5-10% increase
  7. Was just on Eluxury and unless all price increases haven't been put into effect it looks like not all items are going up.
  8. hmmm that is interesting. I hope they don't increase price in all items
  9. Oh their updated!! elux has them all changed now!! :sad:
  10. When I looked this morning, the prices on the items I am watching were the same, but now they are up! :tdown:

    My SA on Sat. told me prices were going up (which I already knew thanks to tpf!) but I didn't think to ask if it was on everything or not.:Push:
  11. My SA told me that there will be no price increase on jewlery and shoes...
  12. Whoo hoo the price increase didn't really affect me that much!
  13. Wow..the wallet I want jumped from $495 to $550..I doubt I'll be able to afford it before my big trip! :crybaby:
  14. Why haven't cles gone up? It still looks the same to me, for certain items..
  15. #15 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    I think the reason why the pochette wallet price jumped from $495 to $550 is because the last 2 times when LV had their price increases, the pochette wallet did not take in effect on these increases. As for the cles, go figure..I'm just glad they are still the same price.

    I'm thinking of getting a damier cles.