Price increase on April 17

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  1. can somebody confirm this? i saw this on a thread posted by another TPFer... price increase in all LV's except those in europe due to the strong euro..
  2. Say it isn't so! Seriously, that would piss me off.
  3. I'm really hoping her SA was wrong. :sad:
  4. Is the price increase going to affect the aquarelle speedies coming out in May? I hope not!!
  5. I hope not, I am planning of my next purchase in May or June.
  6. Yup, well, if there is, I'm out. I never thought I'd feel this way about LV but with everything else going up in price lately (food! shipping! gas! CC fees!), I can't frivolously spend like I had been so frequently. I'm just annoyed and disappointed in things lately and LV is just another one of those things right now.
    My wish list (albeit small- Bon Bon Pochette in teal, gray Speedy keyring, Turquoise PM or GM bangle) is going to have to wait for quite a long while.

    I had just beat the last increase in January when I got my turquoise Inclusion it for $200, a few days later it was up to the new price of $215.
  7. this is really depresssing, how could they do this? how greedy can they be? im starting to lose respect for LV...i will only make purchases off Ebay that are below retail. or i wont get it at all.
  8. Well the dollar is tanking against the euro. I need to get on the stick and get my speedy damier and I am tempted to get a mc wapity.
  9. Well, I gave into the hype and just bought a Bowling Montaigne PM. I'm excited but annoyed that I had to do it under pressure. I was going to wait another couple months. Wow - I've bought THREE bags in 3 weeks!
  10. My stomache is turning at the thought of it. I was going to purchase the Tivoli GM after the Murakami event (which I've been saving for) now I don't know what to do. I absolutely hate Same thing happened last time around with the Trevi and of course they came in right after the price increase :cry:
  11. but does anyone know if this increase thing is gonna happen for sure?! and she mentioned monday.. as in... the day after tomorrow...?!?! eeeekkk.. i was still thinking whether or not to get my mom the damier speedy...
  12. yeppp...

    as soon as i read this...

    i called up LV...and asked how much the GERONIMOS is...

    IT'S 940...LOL (AUD)

    and i called up again...and asked about the price increase...and she said...

    "if there was a price increase...we can't exactly tell you about it...and we wouldn't know the price before...sorry!"

    and i was like...ok...

    Does anybody know how much the Geronimos was before?

    I was thinking it was 900...i don't know...

  13. The price increases are getting out of hand. I really hope this isn't so:sad:
  14. I hope not too! I really like the watercolor speedy but the fact that I'm already paying $1000+ for a SPEEDY is already more than enough. The increase will just make me not want it anymore. :sad:

    I really hope this price increase thing isn't true... at least not for a couple more months! *crosses fingers*
  15. i heard on the news, yesterday, that the US dollar has [again] sunk to an all-time low against the euro.

    i'm not surprised to hear whispers of another price increase. :crybaby: