Price increase? No, a reduction?

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  1. Well....

    Last week I ordered a CapucinesMM in black over the phone in the UK. I thought I was being smart and beating the price increase. Imagine what I thought when I looked at exactly the same bag online now priced at £3150 not the £3200 I paid last Wednesday????

    I spoke with UK CS who said I could return the bag at my own cost and them they would return exactly the same one to me and refund me £50 ! It would cost £30 in tracked and insured postage!

    What do you think?
  2. i dont think return it would be worth it as u would only gain $20 n plus ull have to wait longer to receive ur new bag
  3. Its a shame it has gone down in price, thats something that couldn't have been predicted, but I wouldn't return it. A lot of bother for £20.
  4. Oh no that's terrible. I'm sure you're frustrated. I barely learned from tpf member clu that they are actually called price adjustments bc on a rare occasion they will go down in price. Is there any way you can stop by a boutique?
  5. think twice if you would like to mail it back to them for return/exchange. cuz it might take a long time for them to refund it to you.

    It happened to me when i exchange the item they shipped to me, already 3 weeks passed, today they told me someone will call me by the end of the day and let me know the final decision of the exchange.

    Not sure if it is the same in UK, but it is a factor worth to think about. By the way i am in canada
  6. Not worth the hassle..
  7. wouldn't it have been nice if they could have merely adjusted the price with a credit for the difference? ah, that would be too simple, lol!
  8. I think they adjusted the price to be closer to rest of Europe. But that really sucks! I ordered mine also before the price increase and saved 100 €. I would have been really upset if the price had gone down instead. But I don't think I would go through the hassle of sending the bag back and risking something happening to it somewhere along the way. I'm sorry this happened to you! :nogood:
  9. If you like the piece you got, it looks good no faults etc I would keep it. Because there is a possibility that the other bag you will receive will not be as perfect as the one you have now!

    On the other hand, if something bothers you IN THE BAG, then I would change it.

    But if the money is the only reason I would not do it. (even though this situation irritates you, i understand).
  10. I think the same
  11. +1
  12. I's a shame though. They really should give you a price adj. Are you close to a store? You could return it there and then buy it right back.
  13. I personally wouldn't bother all for £20. What happens when they send you a new bag and it's not as perfect as the first?

    Infact I was sure that one of the bags I bought had reduced, yup by £70