Price Increase Info???

  1. Does anyone have any new price increase info? Thanks to chanel boy we now know some prices went up, but the question remains-what went up and how much?
  2. Did you happen to see what ocgirl posted? here is what she said...but that's all i know of what is increasing....

  3. ^WOWWWWW. Those are some insane price increases. :wtf::crybaby::s
  4. hMm ... That really sucks :tdown:
  5. Last week my SA at Chanel in New York said the price increases were going into effect at the boutiques in November. But it looks like Nordstrom already increased the prices. I will confirm with him today when the increases will hit the boutiques.
  6. my SA at Saks said that they were only going to go in effect in September... :cry:
  7. I just got off the phone with Brendan at Chanel in NYC (212-355-5050). He said that their buyer told them the increase would not happen until November. I made him check and the prices are still the same (no increase yet). He said if he finds out the increase is actually before November he'd let me know.
  8. thanks mon!
  9. Thanks Mon, I hope everyone gets thier bags that they want soon.
  10. I called SAKS NYC to see about increase. We are all good til september unfortunately, SO ladies LETS STOCK UP!!!
  11. Does anyone know what the situation is for Toronto? Will there be an increase here, too?
  12. Wow, these price increases are just obnoxious! Last year I paid $1650 for my Jumbo!! And now it is going to be $2650???
  13. Does that mean the price of the reissues have gone up too? If so, does anyone know what the new prices for each of the sizes are now?
  14. The price on the jumbo flap in ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I was wondering the same thing because I was planning on making some purchases next month at Holt's private shopping night so I asked my SA yesterday. She said she hasn't heard anything about a price increase yet. But who knows, you could walk into the store next week and realize that the prices have went up. I think sometimes the SA's don't even know about it until the day they get a memo from Chanel informing them about it.