Price increase info on a few items

  1. I just got back from getting a few new things. While I was there the SA's were marking up everything for the price increase on Wed.

    I asked about the new prices for a few items.

    As it has already been reported the MC speedy is going up to $2000.00

    The Saleya MM is going from $990.00 to $1040.00

    The BH & BV are going from $710.00 to $740.00

    The Pochette Accessoires is staying the same price at $285.00

    The Mono Credit Card holder that has the plastic card holders that fan out is going from $125.00 to $135.00

    I am not sure the name of the man's wallet but it is Damier and it has holds I think 9 credit cards and has a place for change is going from $435.00 to $455.00

    She said the Neverfull's are staying the same price.

    She also said that all the shoes & scarfs are staying the same price

    Since they have the new prices I am sure that if you call your local store they will be able to tell you what the new prices are going to be.
  2. Any info on the sunnies?! TIA!
  3. Thanks for the info.......hopefully the upcoming F/W items keep their (tentative) prices !!!

  4. I was so excited about my purchases. I don't remember 100% if she mentioned it but I think she did say that there is not going to be an increase on Sunglasses. But I would call and just make sure.
  5. Thanks, Bel... I've called Elux, my store, and 866-VUITTON and all said "they didn't have any info about an increase." Liars!!! lol...
  6. Oh I forgot she also said that the Speedy's are not going up except for the MC ones
  7. Thanks for the info!

    Any news about Beverly? LE items?
  8. Thanks for the info!
    Price increases suck :sad:
  9. I know for a fact the store in Century City, CA has the new prices since that is where I was at. I saw the list and it was a VERY long list. It was just style # and new prices.
  10. great info, thanks!
  11. Thanks for the update! Kudos to you :tup:
  12. Oh, that's helpful, thanks.

    What about Suhali items?
  13. thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanx for the info! 2000 Dollars for the mc speedy? That's crazy!
  15. ^^^ITA! Thanks for the info and I adore the MC speedy but 2K, that is pretty steep IMO.