price increase in vancouver?

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  1. Does anyone have any idea when the prices increase in Vancouver? I hope I'm not too late. :confused1:
  2. tomorrow for all of canada...I was told that....
  3. Yes, it's tomorrow. Just went to the boutique and was told by my SA.
  4. Ahh..thanks a lot. I was planning to buy some accessories too. I think the grooms are just too cute !
  5. :crybaby:
  6. REALLY??

    I just bought the Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury at LV Hotel Vancouver and there was a price drop! $145 instead of $150......

    I wonder how much the increase is ....
  7. There is a slight increase. I was looking at the groom cles and I was there about a week ago and it retails for 200, today i went in and bought it for 215.
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