Price increase in the UK

  1. Hi, can someone tell me if we are having a price increase in the UK on Nov 1st? I think there was one at the beginning of October because I ordered the e/w which used to be £790 and it had gone up to £845 in an October price increase. But will there be a further increase in November like in the US?
  2. This is a really good question Honeybunch, and I'd love to know too! Anyone? :confused1:
  3. If we can find out this info it will really help me. Most of you know about my dilemma of not being satisfied with the classic flaps I've received but living too far away from a boutique to go and see them in person. But now I hear they are opening a branch in Manchester my home city, so I'm debating whether to return my flap to the London branch so that I can check out the boutique in Manchester and see all the bags in real life. BUT, I'm worried there may be another price increase in Nov, in which case I should keep my flap?!
  4. are the chanels in UK cheaper than US??
  5. No, they seem to be cheaper in the US.
  6. - thanks honeybuch... i'll stick w US , then...
  7. I have just spoken to Chanel and at the moment we are in line with Europe so there wont be a price increase in Nov :dothewave:
  8. yeeey!! does that mean we wont have a price increase at all!?

  9. Great news, thanks for letting us know:yahoo:I am going to Paris 4th of December and was worried that I would be hit with another price increase:sweatdrop: Now I can actually think about what to buy:idea:
  10. This is good news. Thanks!
  11. I 'm afraid I have bad news: the manager of C in Vienna told me about a month ago (when I had first heard of the increase in the TPF and after asking her persistently)that there will be an increase in the classic ligne during October!she didn't say when exactly but stated she knew it from Paris and that will be worldwide!:crybaby::girlsigh:
  12. Yes, I have already experienced a price increase this October, as I mentioned at the beginning of the thread: an e/w went up from 790 GBP to 845 GBP. What we were discussing was if there would be a further increase in November, but someone has pointed out that there won't be.
  13. Yeap I see! it seems though that the increase did not happened simultaneously in every C/b or country! There was no increase here on any classic bag up to middle October as they assured me .I guess I'll go and check on Saturday maybe.
    Although since you have had an increase at the beginning of October I don't think there will be any in November WTF!Could it be that not all classic styles have had the increase at the same time too??:confused1:
  14. i spoke to the boutique in london yesterday and the SA tells me that there will be no further price increase for the rest of the year. i am also travelling to europe in december and called to find out.

    hope that helps!
  15. VERY helpful. Thank you!