Price increase in Hong Kong wef: Jan 08

  1. There was a price increase in H scarfs in HK wef 1 Jan. All leather goods (except those animal key chain) will have price increase wef 17 Jan.

    (pls divide the HKD amt by 7.75 for USD amt, sorry that my calculator is not working today)
    Before 1 Jan, scarf price was:
    Twilly: HKD900 -> HKD1100
    Pocket square: HKD1200 -> HKD1300
    Normal scarf: HKD2700 -> 3050

    I saw a coin purse(cheapest one) at HKD1500 and SA said will increase to HKD1600.

    So some items will have 10% increase, but some less than 10%, and some without increase.
  2. looks like HK's increase is 10% just like USA