Price Increase In France too!

  1. Am surfing the LV France site now, noticed that the prices have gone up!! ARGH!! Although prices for the models I'm interested in are up by 5 euros to 10 eruos only, it's still an increase!!!
  2. :yes: I noticed this a few days ago, Mono Speedy 25 = 400 €... it's been 395 € before.
  3. Yes they have, from the 1st of August.
  4. Yup, I noticed that too in August! Yikes!
  5. So does that mean we're heading for an increase here?? :shrugs:
  6. yup...MC speedy used to be 1200, now it's 1210 euros!
  7. oh great... *sigh* i guess i shouldnt wait for my HK trip to purchase the 3 bags that are on my list?? :sad:
  8. yeah i noticed that the other day, my parents bought me a carryall from france 2 weeks ago and now its up 5 euro already!!! (it makes me happy though lol)
  9. Only 5-10 Euro?! That's not bad at all!!

    Versus the US 5-7% two to three times a year?!

    You guys in France still got it good!
  10. i wonder if LV around the world raise their prices too?
  11. I wonder if they have increased prices here in Aus??
  12. ^ i think they hav ei dont know how much or when but i have a feeling they have, i ask how much my wallet it next time i go, it $505 last july