Price increase in Europe?!!

  1. The last month everybody is talking about the price increase in most louis vuitton items.
    Do you guys know if there's going to be an increase in Europe as well?? Or is it only in the U.S because of the price of the dollar? Should I hurry with my next purchases?
    Any infos will be helpful..:confused1:
  2. exactly what I have thought today!

    please answer :confused1::shrugs:
  3. Noone here from europe? Come on guys...

    minababe can I ask you something irrelevant? I'm moving to Berlin next you know about the vuitton boutiques there? Do you have any suggestion in which to go to? And the prices? Are these the same with the french website?
  4. At least can someone from Asia give any info on this subject??:confused1:...I guess that what applies to Asia applies to europe as well...!!!
  5. Hi I'm new but I wanted to know about the price increase in the US. Can someone direct me to the thread; I can't seem to find the search function.
  6. The search function has been disabled for some reason unknown to me...but I'm pretty sure that the price increase in the U.S is due to 21st of January or at least at 1st of February. I hope I'm right. about the dates not the increase lol...

    Any info someone on Europe?
  7. Thanks bamaniac23. Do you know the average increase? Or is it different prices on different things? I'm so upset! My DH is not letting me buy anything 'til April (it will be a big purchase based on budget) and if the prices are drastically different then I get less. :sad: If the dollar is weak, why increase prices? They should keep it the same. (just ranting -- sorry).
  8. Ok -- I saw the original thread re: US price increases. Thanks anyway. :smile:
  9. I'll try to get hold of my SA here in Oslo tomorrow and ask her whether there's a price increase here in Europe.... I'll keep you guys posted....
  10. biancaboo you are a life-saver!!!!! Please do and post here for all of us europeans to know...I tried my SA but nothing, no info!
  11. bagmaniac23, i just spoke to my SA and mentioned to her that there will be a price increase in the States this month. i asked if there will be one here in Europe as well but according to her, there's none. i'll try to get some more info when i go to the store by the end of this week.....
  12. I'm just on the LV UK website and i think a increase has already taken effect , Some one correct me if i'm wrong but the vernis cles i think used to be £100 and is now saying £105 and i think the vernis ludlow used to be £175 but is now £190.

    EDIT : Ok it looks like the Speedies have gone up , Mono Speedy 25 is now £315 .
    MC Speedy is now £1040 :wtf:
    Mahinas have gone up XL is now £1,550.00 , XXL is now £1,940.00 !
    Inclusions have gone up , £190 now for the GM,
    It pretty much looks like everything has gone up :nogood:

    Also lots of new scarves have been added.
  13. Hmmm, but in fact the pound has devaluated a lot in comparison to the euro lately as well (used to be 1.50, now it's around 1.33) so maybe no increase in EMU?!
  14. The price increase started today in the UK..Sweden might be mid summer, Holland doesnt know, Greece does not answer in all 3 butikk, and Germany said "there is never sale in Louis Vuitton" hehe, he misunderstood...and None in Norway
  15. Yeah, there has been a price increase in the UK now, I'm glad I went to the store this weekend before the price increase but am annoyed they didn't have the Zippy Coin Purse in stock, now I have to pay £10 extra...:crybaby: