Price increase in Europe too?!

  1. Oh man...I was totally hoping to save even more by going to LV in Germany and picking up a Popincourt Haut there, in January...but the prices on the french LV site have gone up too! Pop Hauts up to 575 euros, from 555 euros...still cheaper over there...but it still makes me sad :sad:

    I guess that's why they increased our prices...since they were increasing theirs too...but I hadn't heard anything about a european price increase...blah...

    Oh man...I hate price increases...
  2. yes i live in germany and they go up also here. how i know this time it was a global increase
  3. I thought they would only go up in March every year here in I've been proven wrong :cursing:
  4. I saw that the Saleya, Pochette Acc and the Papillon 30 go up. The Denim Line are also included(Baggy PM/GM and the Pleaty) and many more :sad:
  5. yes, the Noé has gone up too and many others...luckily not the Trousse Makeup I want...
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