Price Increase in Effect on eLuxury!

  1. Just what the title says... i checked today and things have gone up already. :sad: boo. Oh well.

    But why does it look like only some things went up? Or have I mistakened the pre-increase prices for some pieces? Small Accessories went up that's for sure, but some handbags/etc didn't. ie: Trouville still at $825, Speedy 25's still $565... maybe this increase was only on small items?
  2. which pieces, in particular, did you notice the price increase on?
  3. small leather goods: both mono and damier: mens wallets, 4 & 6 keyholders, cles, porte valeurs, pmrond, cigarette case, ludlow (mono) wapity; MC small agenda, PTI, carnet de bal, cles, porte monnaie plat...

    hmm, the monogram Abbesses went up too.
  4. wasnt the last increase on bags and bigger items...and now its smaller items etc.
  5. Hmm, I'm not seeing a higher price than what I paid for the white MC wapity last weekend. And my Epi wallet is still the same price, too. I guess they really are picking and choosing what prices went up this time! (Sure hope Damier Speedy stays the same because I can't get one for at least another month!)
  6. I checked and didn't see any increase as far as I remember.
  7. I don't see any price increase yet for anything. Everything is still the same price as yesterday as far as I can see.
  8. If my memory serves me right, the last increase was on both small accessories as well as on purses. Oh well.
  9. Maybe they're taking their time in updating the website? :graucho:
  10. Hmm...I've been glued to eLuxury for several months now and didn't recognize a change at all (except for much much earlier this yr, purses went up by about 15$USD)....:S
  11. well iono. all i know is the 9card billfold damier mens wallet USED to be $245, and now it's shown as $250. and the mono/damier cles used to be $135 (gosh, i remember buying mine at $120 !! before i sold it :sad: ) and now it's $145.. and the MC cles used to be $250 and now that's $265.
  12. last time i checked alot of the smaller things like wallets, holders, shoes, jewlery etc were not effected by the increase and now some of the things are.
  13. the mono and damier cles have been $145.00 since the Feb price increase.
  14. seriously, all these price increases are getting a little ridiculous
  15. The MC cles is actually $270 on eluxury. And I know it hasn't changed recently because a few weeks ago I copied down some elux prices (the cles included) and they were the same as they are now. Odd that you'd see diff prices...maybe their site was being wacky :blink: