price increase in canada

  1. not sure if this has been posted here in the LV forum but... when yeuxhonnetes, noirprincess, and i were at the toronto LV store today, the SAs told us that there will be a 3% price increase starting next wednesday, 11/8! so fellow canadians, run and grab your bag before then. :angel:
  2. i'm still revelling in what i bought today, and all before the price increase too :biggrin:!
  3. yeuxhonnetes... :graucho:

    oh by the way, one of the SAs said that the price increase is due to currency exchange and that they just found out about it yesterday.
  4. Nooooooo...oh well, all the more reason to stay on my ban.
  5. for real?!?!?! aww man, I get to TO on friday too and that's when I was gonna buy my bag!!! oh well....i guess I can handle that!
  6. did they tell you if azur will be part of the price increase?!!?
  7. That totally sucks! :sad:
  8. I really didn't see the point of lowering the prices in Canada for a few months just to raise it back up again.:upsidedown:
  9. =(
  10. At least we got a few months in with slightly cheaper bags!!

    The timing is bad though, since that's just when Holt Renfrew is having their private shopping night here, and a week before the rest of Canada is having theirs - sneaky LV :yucky:
  11. OMG!!! You PSN is this coming Wednesday?
  12. hmmm... sorry but i didn't ask the SAs specifically about the azur line. :s

    i did realized that the current price for the bags in canada is lower than the price in the US before the 11/1 price increase!

    eg. manhattan gm
    price in US before 11/1 increase - US$1770
    price in US after 11/1 increase - US$1870
    price in canada right now, before increase - US$1678 (CDN$1900)
  13. oh wow thanks soo much for posting! cause when i went last wed they never heard about an increase yet so i thought i was safe...
    ok i must buy something again!
  14. oh boo... I was gonna get something at the PSN too.. but the price increase pretty much cuts out half the savings from the PSN. No huge rush then. I think I'm just going to wait for the next PSN for my purchase.
  15. Ahhh man...I'm going up there on the 23rd to buy my Epi speedy :sad:
    Do any of you CDN gals know how much an epi speedy 25 is currently going for in canadian dollars?