Price Increase in Canada

  1. ok, i've talked to the SA in Banff today over the phone and asked her about the price increase issue... she said she hasn't heard about it being held in Canada, but just perhaps Europe and the States... i'm not sure if it's guaranteed 100% NO increase in Canada, does anyone have information on that?
  2. Well, I learnt that the prices actually decreased recently due to the US currency dropping. The Cdn & US prices are now at par. The Canadian prices has dropped a couple of time since Nov 2005 I believe.
  3. yes.. that's what she told me too.. she said we just had a price drop in nov 2007 it's unreasonable for our price to increase again... so hopefully it will stay that way..
  4. I talked to an SA at my local store and he said that they usually aren't aware of price increases until the week before, and he's heard nothing on the horizon.. YET. Argh, I hope that remains nothing !
  5. but.. i went to the lv at bloor today and the SA told me that although she hasn't heard anything like it yet, but if there is a price increase in europe and states canada will probably have one too... some time in the future...
  6. Price increases are made based on the CAD/EURO exchange, not CAD/USD exchange. So with the strong dollar, we still may not have a price increase.
  7. Hope not!

  8. ReallY?!! That is sooo intersting. Thanks for sharing!
  9. that's what my bf told me too... thanks!
  10. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  11. Hope this is not going to happen anytime soon as I am planning of getting a few items in Spring.
  12. one more news... yesterday i visited the LV at HR yorkdale and one of the male SA's told me that there is a price increase taking effect some time this week (mid-week i heard him say... wasn't sure if he meant the coming week or the week after)..eek?
  13. I just confirmed with my SA too...definitely a price increase this week...BOO!!!
  14. Oh darn... hopefully it's like last year, where items only went up by $10-$20 so it wasn't too big of a deal. But that's too bad.
  15. hmm i wonder if this affects my purchase next week. i returned my mc priscilla yesterday in hopes of getting a mc trouville but they didn't have it in stock so i'm getting it transferred from alberta. will i pay the old price or the new price?