Price increase for Timeless Classic Clutch

  1. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet but there will be a price increase for timeless classic clutches.

    Caviar will go up from $895 to $995.
    Lambskin will go up from $995 to $1195.
  2. prices have already gone up at Saks awhile ago
  3. I already thought the clutch was $995! Oh well, then I won't be in shock when it does go up...
  4. That is what I though too!

  5. Wow...the lambskin really went up. But its so worth it. I have the black Timeless in Black Lambksin and I totally love it!
  6. so for all this time the clutch is still $895 at NM?wow!
  7. I saw it in black Satin in Selfridges in London, didn't get the price but it was gorgeous.
  8. It might have went up already for Saks, but it hasn't for Neiman Marcus. It will today tho! :yes: :sweatdrop:
  9. I got a caviar clutch couple of weeks ago and it was $895 from NM. Chanel needs to stop raising prices!!
  10. Can someone post a pic of it in black satin?