Price Increase Fast Approaching....WHAT are you going to buy before August 19th??

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  1. I think I will buy one last thing before the increase and then I will put myself on a purseban for the rest of the year....I can't keep up with the frequent price changes, and I'm REALLY glad nothing from fall/winter is calling to me !!!!!

    Will you buy BEFORE the 19th ?? Or just pay extra later on ??
  2. Paying extra later...the slow economy has got me down :sad:
  3. Can't get anything... unfortunately on a ban! :crybaby:
  4. I have to wait until after August 19th. I hope that price increase isn't going to be horribly bad. I still am in love with the suhali lockit and I want to get it. I also have my eye on the MC speedy in Black and the Damier Azur Speedy 30. I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I was saving up for it and I got weak and bought a metallic Fendi spy because I fell in love with it too.
  5. I wont be buying anything from the boutique. Got enough things already this year. Yikes!
  6. I'll be paying extra later; my next planned purchase is not until December. I can't let these price increases mess with my budget!
  7. I bought a Trevi PM last week to beat the price increase.
  8. My bday is in Sept but my dh bought me the Galliera PM now instead of paying more later.
  9. I wanted to get the money together for a purchase but it didn't work out, so I'll be paying more later on :sad:
  10. I'm with those who can't buy anything now, not even those last 2 Inclusion pieces I *need*. Boo. :sad:
  11. i cant, im on a MAJOR ban! i really want a suhali lockit though :*( i hope it doesnt go up a lot!
  12. I really want a brown papillon bandeau, but I am having a hard time finding one! Other than that I am saving for the Fall handbags to be released ;)
  13. I just bought the Galliera GM and Kate Clutch this past week. I was eyeballing the Mahina XXL, and the had one at the store. I wonder if the price increase is going to be huge...
  14. I just ordered a Mini Lin Manon MM and Ursula Strass sunnies in Noir.
  15. I want to get an agenda, but I can't buy it until Labor Day. Boo hoo.
    I hope the price increase won't make the Vernis agenda too expensive. $345 is expensive enough already!