Price increase Europe

  1. We all know the Price will increase in the USA but can somebody confirm that the Price will increase in Europe,too? Sorry if this has been posted already but I couldn't find nothing, also not in the Price increase Thread. Thanks
  2. When I asked the manager of Chanel b in Vienna,her reply was "somewhen in October"...they never tell you exactly..:sad:.She mentioned that only the price of the classic bags will increase though! I think it's worldwide, as usual!!!!:cursing:
  3. I suspect that the increase will be much less, if there is one. The US dollar is devaluing against the Euro afterall.
  4. My SA told me that they will increase the classic bag and the J12 watch in October and November.
  5. Oct?Really?I'll buy it right now
  6. In Spain the price increase took place October 1st. The medium lambskin classic went up 90 euros today, 1690 euros.
  7. OMG~I just received my small classic flap from Paris~! LUCKY!!
  8. 90 euros isn't too bad... it's not 22% anyway :smile:
  9. 90€ is alot wish was under 50€.Anybody know the price of e/w flap after price increase?
  10. Thanks for the Info everyone, so it's gonna happen also here in Europe :sad:
  11. My friend told me that you can call Chanel paris and ask them to ship it international. Do you know whether it's cheaper that way? Will we be able to get any tax refund if we do it that way? Thanks a bunch!
  12. No confirmation of a price increase in the UK, I've asked several SA's and they all said the increases are annual and we just had one in FEB!
  13. The Price increased in France. :sad:
  14. ^Do you mean that there will be a increase in France?
  15. I will travel to Europe this winter, can anyone let me know whats the current price from Med. Flap in Caviar and J12? I would like to know those so I can Compare the price.