Price increase due in the UK on 1st Nov too

  1. I called LV customer service today and the guy who answered my call said yes we are expecting price increase on the 1st of Nov but only on selected items and he does not know by how much in percentage.

    So anyone in the UK who is thinking of getting an LV or two act fast before it goes up.
  2. yes that is why i bought my azur a few days ago i had a feeling there would be an increase:yes:
  3. oh well im poor atm :sad:
  4. :yucky: It sucks all around...
  5. i wish i had the option of purchasing the azur before the increase (stupid eLux) but maybe the speedies wont be effected
  6. So much for the price increase based on the euro
  7. Since I'm still not back in the UK, I'm just keeping my finger crossed that the Monogram Carryall(which is next on my list) won't be among the selected items.. =P