Price increase doesn't affect all flaps?

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  1. So I was Chanel hopping last night to see what's left in the stores in case I could snatch something before the price increase on Monday. I was interested in a dark red (wine-colored?) jumbo flap in lambskin swh but the SA said that this bag will not be affected by the price increase. I asked her why and she said it just won't (seriously, that was her explanation). She looked at the tag and said "Yep, this one isn't going up." Does anyone know about this? The flap was gorgeous but I didn't get it because I don't feel like I have to hurry (she also said that they have several in stock).

    Then I spotted a beautiful khaki/bronze metallic reissue with aged matte chain at a different store but the tag was cut off with scissors where the price was supposed to be. While showing me the classic flap bags in the store, she would always show me the tag to prove that it has the new price but that I could have it for the old price. So I have a feeling that the reissue doesn't have the price tag because it won't be affected by the price increase? What do you think?

    I guess my question is, how do we know for sure which ones are gonna go up on Monday? Sorry if this is long and not very clear LOL
  2. I might be totally wrong, but I think bags from old seasons are NOT going up. I am really interested in a 227 that my boutique has, and my SA said it will not be going up because it is an 08 color. I think classics are going up in maybe classic colors? But if it is an old color (from a previous season), maybe it isnt going up?

    idk... I hope this is true so I have more time to think about my 227...... HTH!
  3. That would be great because I wanna get a reissue 226 or 227 eventually but I don't think I'm ready now because it hasn't completely grown on me but I'm getting there :biggrin:

    Which color is the 08 that you're thinking about buying?

  4. This is a GREAT NEWS. However it is hard finding SA with ex-season flap available.
  5. I know I am not ready yet either, so I hope I am right!! I am eyeing the purple metallic reissue, buttttt the reason why it is around and the same reason I havent snatched it is that it has a lot of wear on it. It obviously was a display piece and well travelled. It honestly looks USED like not a little, but a lot. I can't really bring myself to pay THAT much for something that has that much wear on it. But it is pretttttttttty. My birthday is next week, so I think Ill just wait and pick out a present for myself then ... :P
  6. Purple metallic is HOTTTT! And who knows, maybe they'll discount it like they're planning to do with the turquoise metallic in may/june. I think the new price will be around $2500 for the jumbo. Ask your SA to be sure.

  7. Sorry, forgot to mention that it's NM who's planning on putting the turquoise metallic reissue on sale.
  8. good info- thank you all! Is it too soon to put your name on wish list for turquoise reissue:lol:
  9. Huh??? Dark red/wine colored jumbo?? That's exactly what I have been hoping for. Is it a classic or a reissue? Lambskin or caviar? Thanks! And sorry I don't know about the prices. ;)

  10. this would be fantastic! because i have been back and forth on one and i just might not be able to do before monday... but i am pretty sure i want it. so fingers crossed you all!!

  11. I read somewhere that some stores have started tagging their bags with new tags with the new prices on them. I am not sure if the increase only affects classic though but I have only seen the price of the classics posted on the price increase thread. I can see them keeping seasonal bags at the same price since they usually discount them if they don't sell anyways! Classics and Reissues are going up for sure though! Also I they do sometime increases the prices of the new seasonal bags that they release too.
  12. Bags from previous seasons dont go up I dont think and the ones that are priced the old price will not be changed.. I went into 2 boutiques today and all the bags that didnt sell before the price increase stayed the same.
  13. i hope this is case and the one i want is covered!

  14. Hi is the purple metallic reissue considered as classics and will have a price increase as well? Thanks!
  15. Really hope this is true! The bag I want is already $4,000 but I can't justify it at the moment.