Price increase coming just before the winter holiday

  1. Stock up this fall, ladies! That's what I hear today from my beloved SA...:supacool:
  2. On the classics????
  3. Yikes! Do you know how much the increase will be?
  4. Didn't they just have a price increase a few months ago?
  5. My SA told me that Luxury Bowler(medium size) will go up by $300.00 from Cruise Line.
  6. Oh no! The prices on the lux line are already pretty high, compared to the rest of the lines. Hence the 'luxury' I guess :smile:
  7. OH NO! how much would the east west bag be?!
  8. which bags??? they just had an increase YIKES
  9. OMG, please post more info when anybody hears the details.
  10. Yikes! $300?? That would make the bowlers...$2,460. :crybaby:
  11. OMG! I have to act fast - LMBO!
  12. That's nuts! I thought my bowler was too pricey at $2160!
  13. eeeks! okok. i am going to buy my bowler asap!
  14. I didn't ask alot of details but I do remember Paul saying it was for the classics.
  15. That's too bad because I don't see any color that I want right now:hysteric: