price increase at the outlet!

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  1. i was so surprised to see that the bag i bought early this year (the gucci gg jacquard logo with chain straps) went up from $309 to $399.:nuts: i thought gucci is on sale? i noticed some bags with higher prices than usual.:confused1:
  2. Yup, there was an email that was sent and posted on the outlet thread that there was going to be an increase on these bags and to get them before they went up back in May.
  3. WOW that is a big increase
  4. so glad i got mine earlier. now she's more precious to me than ever!
  5. Is anyone noticing an increase in the "sale" prices on I remember the jolicoeur medium tote being in maybe.. $479? And now its listed for $559! I'm not sure about other items because I particularly had my eye on the price of the jolicoeur tote.