Price increase at Saks today

  1. The Saks I go to that had had some E/W at their pre-increase price of $1395, has raised the price today to $1795 for caviar and more for lambskin.

    My SA tells me some other bags have also gone up in price today or late yesterday Not the new cruise line. Will find out which bags have gone up in price and new increased prices. Will post once I confirm....hope this is only on the bags that Saks still had at lower prices !!!!:sweatdrop::tdown::heart:H
  2. OKay,:nogood: price increased today only on the E/W -$1750 and on the Mini which this Saks still had at $1300 something and went up today to $1725, wish I had picked up a mini...
  3. phew, i was about to have a heart attack when i saw the title! glad to hear it's only the e/w and mini flaps that saks had at the old price
  4. If I'm not mistaken, this was supposed to happen with the Nov 1 increase (on the E/W.) I had heard that $1750 price for quite awhile. I *think* that many left may have just had the old $1350 tag and they were still sold for that. I don't really know but this isn't suprising. So long as it was only that, I'm okay! I was prepared for that one.
  5. Thanks for the post.
    I had no idea :sad:
  6. I almost had a heart attack reading your title!!!
  7. Yuk!
  8. I know we have had this debate b4..but man how can you justify a $400 price increase.. I could see if they received a whole new shipment of bags and all the newly made chanel e/w went up in price..but some of these have probably been in stock for months..... geez... and they are going to increase the price...
    a newer better product with an increase is fine....not the same ole thang, different day, new price.....argh
  9. :tdown:
  10. Appreciate your post but i guess most of them are pretty aware that the e/w price will increase since it was still the old tag after the Nov increase.
  11. Anyway I am not gonna get an old E/W, just can't persuade myself. addisonshopper you are right. Show us something new to justify the hefty increase. But nothing changes but the price? That'sn unacceptable.
  12. Good point. This make me wonder what happen to department stores like Nm, Saks, etc. whom get the bags in the beginning of the year (old price). And when there's a price increase in the middle of the year, they raised it to the new price. What happen to the "difference" in the bags. Who get the profit? Chanel or department stores?:hrmm:
  13. This is a great question....I think Chanel dictates the price increases, and in the past, I know there have been problems if certain stores did not follow the increases, or put items on sale that Chanel did not approve. Now, whether the difference goes back to them, gets split or stays at the store is a great question.....:heart:H

  14. I don't understand how they can increase the price for the same bag.
  15. yeah.. like I got a PST pre-increase (Nov 2007), bit the price was cut off and rewritten because it had the new price on it.