Price Increase at Norstrom***ERROR***

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  1. Many of the classic pieces were increased in price today. Our store did not find out until today, otherwise I would have let you guys know sooner.

    Just to give an example, the Cambon tote went from $1695 to $1925.
  2. just as I'm in the market for my first one! figures :p
  3. :crybaby:
  4. What?!?!?!?! I was just in the Saks Chanel boutique yesterday! No increase. Will have to call and check...

    Have all of the Chanel stores converted to the new prices? (Boutique, Saks, NM, Nordstrom)

    Soooo bummed! :crybaby:
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Lucas :crybaby:

    OT: Wow Lucas, your cute dog has grown so much already! Love the new picture! :heart:
  6. What are the prices for the classic flaps now? TIA!
  7. OUCH! That's a big jump. I'd love to know how much some of the other stuff has gone up!
  8. Thanks Chanelboy. Bummer!! I was in Chanel at Saks yesterday and it was so crowded I left. Now I know why!!! It looked like they had marked some bags up already. At least the suspense is over.
  9. OMG!
    I thought it happened next month?
    I was waiting for the EGC event :sad:
    Am I too late?
  10. Is that for the classic ones only or including the new ones?
  11. Omg!!
  12. Does that mean it applies to all the stores?
  13. holy crap...I can't believe the could none of you experts have known?...that really sucks!
  14. I just called my SA from Neiman's, their prices haven't gone up yet! Soon, I'm sure.
  15. Well, this gives me a reason to pass on the SAK EGC event! I'll use what I have on something but no more new Chanel bags .... :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.