Price increase at 12 midnight?

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  1. For all of us in EDT does that mean the prices go up in an hour online? Sorry if thats a stupid ?... =/
  2. I am wondering this, too.
  3. hmm..10 minutes to go!
  4. do you mean at hmm why would the price increase be official based on EDT time? i would find that weird if it was..

    just checked - still old prices...
  5. #5 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    Yeah I don't know just wondering..I was thinking maybe the website "knew" what time zone you were in and adjusted the prices accordingly..hahaha
  6. I wonder if Eluxury is going by their time zone. I know that LV's customer service is open really late to accomodate all time zones. Perhaps to accomodate all the U.S. time zones for both and they are going by CA time. I have 2 items in my basket, still trying to talk myself into it. I really only wanted to spend money on one item, I am just having trouble deciding which 1 of the 2 to get. I need to be careful though and submit before I get caught with the increase, plus they are known to remove items in ones cart within minutes of being idle.
  7. ^^ Me too! I have a few items in my cart but I'm talking myself into waiting until Christmas.
  8. Prices at Elux are still the old prices
  9. Prices at the LV .com is still the same as well at least for now .....
  10. since its 2:11 EST now the answer is yes

    before i went to lunch bandeaus were 135 on vuitton site, now 145
  11. yep, all the handbags have 3-4 % increase, some has 2 % e.g. speedy bag only 2 % increase. However bandeau/bandana has $10 increase but percentage wise is about 6-7 % increase.