Price Increase- April

  1. I went to the LV store in SCP and the SA who was helping my cousin told us that there will be a price increase in 2 wks. It will be in early April and we're not sure of the date. She said it will be about a 6% increase. :wtf:

    Anyone knows of this?
  2. I hope not! This is the first I've heard of it...
  3. OMG I am going to have to buy some stuff:graucho: :cursing:
  4. oh no oh no oh no!
    i HATE price increases!
    is this the one we have been anticipating since december?
    how much of an increase?
  5. Haven't heard anything yet, I'll ask when I go in to pick up my bangle this week.
  6. crap!!!! :yucky:
  7. hopefully not...these are getting a little bit ridiculous.

    Please let us know, Rebecca. :yes:
  8. I hadn't heard about an increase recently but oh well. I had a feeling this was coming...ugh! Talk about bad timing.
  9. Yes, please ask. My SA wasn't around at that time so I couldn't verify it but another SA who helped my cousin mentioned the price increase.
  10. nO.......:wtf::wtf:
  11. :push:
  12. oh please no no and no.
  13. Oh c#@p:push:. I've been trying very hard to save money to finally buy white mc speedy. Now, I might need to wait longer to buy. Just my bad luck.:crybaby: Please someone conform this asap. Thanks.
  14. good thing I'll have most of my dream bags by than if that's true...
  15. oh well.. can't buy anything yet anyway even if i REALLY wanted to..LOL..not until May or June..*sigh*...