Price Increase Announcement from BG

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  2. Thanks! I'm actually going to email her regarding a bag I've been looking high and low for-do you want me to tell her you referred me? If so, what's your name ;)
  3. Oh no, here we go!
  4. When are the prices going up & what collections are affected?
  5. no clue. that's all the email said. i would email galina or call her to ask for more specifics.
  6. From the attached pic, it looks the classics. And thanks to CHANELboy, we know by how much each is going to increase!
  7. I got that email too- can't believe they are going up again!!!
  8. How much are things being increased?? does anyone know about the medallion tote?
  9. It sounds ironic that the email goes "AS A SIGN OF OUR APPRECIATION



    Surely if they appreciated us that much the prices WOULD NOT be going up AGAIN :cursing::mad::rant::censor:
  10. :tdown::tdown: I was thinking the same thing Syma! Shouldn't it read "AS A SIGN OF OUR APPRECIATION, loyal customers like you will NOT have to pay the higher prices!" ???
  11. This just really stinks! :tdown:
  12. LOL - seriously - I thought there was something wrong with the email and maybe there was a typo or copy & pasted wrong... or at least BG should make an effort to be more clear and say "As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give you advance warning of a price increase." Then while it still sucks, at least the thought is correctly expressed. Although - the way they put it sure makes for a good laugh! :p
  13. We all knew this was coming. But, what a weird email, u would think they were sending u something positive instead of something so ourtrageous!!:cursing:
  14. I thought it wasn't until Nov 1?
  15. I am so buying that damn gst next week. Goddam it. I thought I had some time to fight with myself over it.