Price Increase Alert-J12

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  1. I recently purchased a J12. Today my SA told me that I bought at a good time because she said the price is increasing by ----- 40 %!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Did anyone else hear this?

    If you want a J12, I would buy one before the increase.
  2. I was in NM yesterday and the Chanel SAs told me that they were preparing for a price increase.
  3. 40% is NUTS!!!! I have the white j12... I'ld like the black but not right now... ARGH!
  4. 40%??? Isn't it more like 4 or 14%?
    It just seems criminal to have 40% price increase for no reason....
  5. does anyone have a list of all the current prices for all the different j12s? maybe we can do a lil math and figure out post-increase prices..
  6. 40%

    thats crazeeeee!
  7. OMG! Thats insane! I hope he wasen't just scaring you into purchasing the watch asap. I'm happy I got mine in sept... shheish!
  8. I was told it is between 4 and 10%.
  9. Are you sure you didn't hear 4 or 14%? 40% seems too ridiculous, even for Chanel...
  10. My Sa sent me an e-mail. I reread it and it says 40%. Maybe it was a typo. I was stunned by the increase that is why I posted.
  11. 40% increase? :shocked: Let me know if it is really 40% I can buy a ton today and resell them. Okay, just kidding. :biggrin:
  12. i heard from a boutique SA that the increase will be 7%
  13. I e-mailed my Sa back for clarification. I will let you know if I hear anything. Maybe someone can ask one of their SA's from Saks.
  14. I heard it is about 7%, the basic 33mm is going from 3850 to 4150.
  15. 40%? thats really exorbitant!