price increase affects what?

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  1. is the price increase going to affect the speedies this time in JAN?
    just wondering...
  2. No one knows not even SAs when or what gets increased until 2 weeks before.
  3. The prices have already increased in Singapore since a few weeks back. Affected the most sellable items. Most of the Damier that I've been eyeing on all got affected.
  4. Didn't LV JUST have a price increase earlier this month? Please tell me there isn't another one in the works. :cursing:
  5. Better buy my damier speedy soon :smile: ! But im gonna get it for christmas and they wouldnt do that RIGHT before christmas that would be pure evil ..
  6. so speedy prices are gona go up also?!! dang it.. must get the azur .. what u guys think?.. 30 or 25?
  7. I hate the thought of more and more price increases...
  8. WHAT?!?! do they have a price increase every month?!?! that is ridiculous!!!!!:wtf: :hysteric: :yucky: :shocked: :mad: :censor:
  9. I thought the price increase affects everything?:shrugs:
  10. Dang, they're on a price rising like spree. How many happened in 06? Three?
  11. Um..that's what I heard..:Push:

    The whole price increasing thing's really annoying.. I found out from another thread that the price increase will be around March..

    I'm trying to have all LV bags in my wishlist by the end of this year and then stop buying any bags for a while..:s
  12. I think it affects EVERYTHING in my local LV boutique, but we only have shoes, bags, luggage, scarves, ties and small leather goods.
  13. The only ones I know for sure were mono and damier speedies were not affected, epi speedies actually went down...I know there were other items no affected last time.
  14. well what i heard is that there will be another one on jan. but i just don't know on what, is it gonna be eVERYTHING? including the speedies (which weren't affected in the recent price increase)?
  15. I actually think that this up-coming price increase, the speedy will be affected. Like twinkle.tink said last time it wasn't, so I think this time it will.