Price Increase - a little info

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  1. I went to LV yesterday to check out the Epi Speedy and the Mono Speedy again. They already had some of their small leather goods marked up for Monday's price increase. The Damier Koala was 565, the Koala Coin purse was 305 and the Damier Pocket agenda was 195. They didn't have the bags marked up yet. I'm hoping the Speedy doesn't go up too much because I really want to get one and almost bought it yesterday but I'm moving at the end of the month so I have to wait. :shame:
  2. I was in the store yesterday and the speedy 25 mono was marked up to $595. I would assume the Damier would be the same?
  3. That's more than 5% increase!
  4. Anyone has any idea how much BH would be tomorrow?
  5. Wow...this sucks! :rant: I wish they'd just increase the price ONCE a yr, instead of giving us heart attacks like this all the time....Sheeesh
  6. Why do they raise the prices so many times a year?? That doesn't really seem right does it?
  7. I am guessing $815
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