Price Increase 2024


Jun 30, 2021
Hello dear fellow TPF,
yes it will be THAT time of the year again soon (Not Xmas hehe)….my SA hinted at „the usual“ ~10% increase come Jan 1st, but she also Shared that they may increase some bags Like the MK more due to overwhelming demand. Of course nothing is confirmed etc. but i wanted to ask what you all have Heard and are willing to share. I am in Europe but of course it is interesting to Hear what will be happening in other parts of the world as well so lets discuss:smile:
I know from my SA that price increase in Europe will come - like every year - Jan 2nd. But she didn’t tell me how much % or in which categories.
That was what was the most interesting question for me, but it seems information on that is scarce as of right now…
So a big surprise for us European H lovers come our first shopping trips in the new year 🙃
Mine was suggesting I get the scarves I want and she showed me 2 options for Chypre sandals, so I believe both scarves and shoes will have the price increase.
I paid for the Chypre and one scarf and will collect in the new year, but at least is paid with 2023 price
Thank you for the reminder of price increase. As a result, I was able to get a few scarves in time before the increase. My SA confirmed 1/8 for scarves and shawls in the US but she said she doesn’t know the percentage.
I believe the increase has already happened for some countries such as China - seems like it started around 12/22 (not sure if other parts of Asia too?). There should be many posts on RED with screenshots / numbers etc. and the main takeaway I had after flipping through was that it does seem to be a higher than past percentage (some items as high as 20%; generally bags were around 10+%). Of course it’s hard to say whether this would translate to a higher percentage elsewhere (eg in the US or Europe) as well. Just have to wait and see!