price in st barth/st martin?

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  1. just wondering...:graucho:..compared to US pricing, when I visit H shops in St. Martin or St. Barth, do i expect simliar pricing? or (wishful thinking) pricing in France?
  2. It's less than in the US, but I don't think it's quite as low as France. On the upside, you don't have to pay or deal with any VAT.
    When I was last at Hermes in St Martin this past March, there were no Birkins at all--they said they really don't get them--but they had a lovely sellier Kelly in Black Togo with PHW for about $4950, I believe. The sterling was much less expensive there than in the states, something like $850 for the GM Chaine d'Ancre bracelet. Scarves were about 20% less than they cost in New York City if you include tax in the NY price.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Sounds perfect! not doing birkin hunting right now, so I dont' mind the birkinless inventory. pricing sounds great and no VAT hassle is perfection!!:tup:
    Thank you Cynthia!! :heart::heart:
  4. I know someone who picked up a birkin 30 at st barth last year, Price was 20% cheaper than US
  5. woo nice! thanks seton!!
  6. Where exactly? Since there is no Hermes on St. Barth?
  7. St Barth? Do you mean St Barthelemy? Next to St Maarten? Or is my Carribbean geography all to pot? There certainly is an Hermes in Gustavia on the island of St Barts - and its one of the highest grossing stores Hermes has ( though not directly owned by the company I believe) - the high proportion of rich and famous there ensure the store has good stocks of goodies normally. Best of luck!
  8. Ah you know what I am sorry, I have MY wires crossed this morning.
    My apologies!!
  9. Yes, I mean Gustavia, Saint-Barthelemy. Sorry for the mix-up
  10. Wow, perfect timing--I will be visiting both islands the week after next :p Thank you ladies!
  11. Have a good trip and hope they have lots of goodies for you!:tup:
  12. ^Thank you! I heard there was thunder and lightening today, but hey, H will make that all better :p
  13. Have a wonderful time (visit Anguilla too if you can!!)
  14. have fun mscupcake! i have to wait till next month! let me know how it is!
  15. If you make it to St Barts please tell us what it's like and what the store is like - I saw it once on the TV but that was a long, long time ago. It's one of the places on my long list of places to go - I understand the store sells unbelievable numbers of towels ( you know the ones we all laugh at the prices of) and pareos. Have fun!