Price In Paris

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  1. Anyone know how much price Speedy30 in Paris?

    It's VAT will deduct direct from boutique or I have to claim at Airport once going back?

    I heard in Paris one person only allowed to purchase 2LV in one day.It's correct?
  2. you can check for france prices you sohuld click on france
  3. 415 euros for a speedy 30 mono/damier/azur in Paris
  4. If we purchase the LV it's the VAT will deduct automatically once we show our passpord or we have to claim at Airport?

    I'm going to Paris next week so i need to know the process for VAT plus this is my first LV
  5. you must have your passport with you when you purchase at the boutique. the SA will fill out some paperwork. you must show these papers (and possibly the merchandise too, i've heard that some people had to show to verify, some agents just stamp the papers) to the VAT office in the airport.

    i'm not exactly sure what the refund process is. when i went to paris 2 years ago, it was credited back to my mom's CC a few months after we came back.

    last i heard you get 12% refunded back to you.
  6. Hi there!

    I just purchased a Speedy 30 at LV's flagship store at Champ-Elysees. The price was 415 EUR. In US dollars-$576.39. The detax in EURO is 49.80. --This is your refund and it depends on form of payment. If you pay in cash, you'll be refunded in cash at the DETAX window. If paying by CC, it will be credited to your account within 4-5 wks. The SA will fill out the detax form for you and your Passport and other personal info. will be needed. You will need to take the forms (1 original, 1 copy) and get them both stamped at the DETAX window in the airport. There is a sign at the window that says "No goods, No refunds." I had mine with me at the time,but the guy didn't ask for it. So, just in case, have yours ready in hand. When he stamps it, take the copy and only mail the original. Look for the yellow box (that's the mail box),should be few steps from the DETAX window, drop it and your set. Make sure you do this before you go to security. HTH.
  7. Hi Stmichhel,thank you very much for your explanation.Very useful info to me.

    From your experince pay by cc or cash better? I heards from my friend sometime they don't want accept our cc.It's true?
  8. I paid by cc--AMEX. In my experience with international retail purchases, paying by cc is much easier. If a problem occurs, my cc takes care of it--100% satisfaction guaranteed--I don't hassle with any SA's. However, if you're paying cash, you'll get your refund at the detax window. With cc, you have to wait. I only pay cash for smaller buys--$200 max for any retail outside U.S. Have fun shopping. Oh BTW, many stores in Paris don't take AMEX--so, if you're a cc shopper, have your VISA or MC in hand.
  9. stmichel,it's true we have to long que to enter LV Boutique Champs Elysees? and 1 person only allowed to purchase 2ea.

    I will going to Paris next week.I was plan to buy Speedy30 ( this is my first LV ).I hope stock available.
  10. it's true we have to long que to enter LV Boutique Champs Elysees? and 1 person only allowed to purchase 2ea.

    Long que? Did you mean to ask if there was a line outside to get in the store? If so, this store is always crowded but no lines to get in. If all SA's are busy when you walk in, just look for the woman with the long flowing red scarf--she's the head SA or the manager? She'll call for any available SA in the store to help you.

    As for purchases, I've never heard of restrictions. At the time of my purchase, the lady next to me purchased about 5 bags and they were all in big boxes. I just wondered how she'll carry all these to the airport. If I could, I would have bought several pieces myself as the savings is huge. I have enough luggages that this was the only thing I could add on and it was terrible. Anyway, the restriction for purchases is news to me.

    I will going to Paris next week.I was plan to buy Speedy30 ( this is my first LV ).I hope stock available

    Enjoy shopping! I would think that speedies in 30,35,40 will be available. If not, there's always Galeries LaFayette.
  11. i think the 2 each limit is per style. meaning you can only buy 2 speedy 25s. when i went to paris my mom and i bought 4 items there.
  12. there was a line when I was at the store in NOV.
    Also.U can claim the CASH refund,,EVEN if u pay by credit card.The SA will ask u how u want the refund at the store.if u say cash...u can get it at the airport.HOWVER they take a percent of it.
    Personally my DIOR refund took 6 MONTHS to get back..LV was only3 months.It depends on the vendor.
    In the Future.Ill take the cut...claim it as cash..and get my cash back at the airport..Took way too long this past trip.The trip before to France took 4 months to get my refund back.The refund varies from store and from merchandise.usually 10-12 percent.
  13. Yeah, I've read in someone's blog recently, there's a long que to get into that Chanel Store in Paris.
  14. I was in Paris just three weeks ago.
    My sister and I went to the Champs des Elysees store and purchased three bags (on one credit card, so the limit thing isn't true). We didn't have to wait in line outside the store but it was very crowded inside. My advice is to make your way to the upper floor where there is a smaller bag room and make your purchases there. It's less crowded and quieter and most are viewing bags with the intent to buy (unlike the main floor).
    I bought a Speedy 30 myself :smile:
    Enjoy your trip!