Price (In Euros perferably) of Re-issue needed!

  1. Hey Ladies.

    I went to the Chanel store today and wanted to get my xmas present but I hardly liked anything and so I put myself down for the new re-issue in old gold / bronze in leather.
    Do any of u know how much this bag will be?

    I would like to have it in 225 or 226. Not bigger.

    Id be happy if anyone would help me here.

  2. Hi!
    I was at the Chanel Store in Munich and looked at the black reissue 2.55. The sales assistant told me it was 1,700 Euro somethig. It is a little bit over 1,700 but I forget the exact price.
    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. Ahh, and I totally forgot to add that there is just the 2.55 and the jumbo. They told me in, the store, that there won't be a 266.
    That's it! :p