Price in Canadian $ for the Lockit ??

  1. I would love to know the price for the horizontal Lockit in Ca $?

    Thanks a million:confused1:
  2. I second that!!
  3. $1010.00:graucho:
  4. thanks a lot, Irene + 15% taxes OMG, OMG :crybaby:

    I saw one on Ebay but it's in US and I don,t want to deal with the Customs (yet again). It would be a better deal even with duty taxes.....well maybe I,l find one in Ca soon...:wlae:
  5. Well, it's actually 14% taxes now!:yahoo:Good ol' Canadian tax!:cursing:
  6. yeah 14% - I forgot.... quite a difference :P
  7. I KNOW!!!:lol: They did us a HUGE favor!!! NOT!:cursing: