Price Hikes and You

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  1. We keep discussing price hikes...will you still be purchasing as much with the hike or will that slow you down a bit?

    Also, at what point (after how many more hikes) will you say that it is not worth it for you to purchase a birkin, kelly, bolide etc? Are we nearing the ceiling yet for you?
  2. I don't really know the percentage of the price hikes in Switzerland so I can't tell. The last bag I bought 10 days ago still luckily had the old price. What is slowing me down though is that I've gotten the basic bags that I need, both neutrals and colors. In the future, I will primarily first purchase colors that I lack, chocolate brown being one of those.
  3. Hmm ... interesting question. Well, here's my 2cents. I think for those who want it, they will still pay for it. Consumers will cut corners elsewhere and save their 'H' pennies. I, for one have stopped buying other kinds of bags and would seriously think twice before spending money on other more 'frivolous' items.
  4. I do not have years of historical prices to keep me in check, so at this point, I am not likely to be deterred by the price increases. Theoretically speaking, if there is something that I take a fancy to, I don't think the price will come between me and the H merchandise/item.

    That said, I am quite careful about spending money on RTW - I have a mental block that I can't dislodge, to justify spending thousands of dollars on clothes that will run out of fashion in the next season. So, the price increases further augment my thoughts on NOT parting money on RTW. I ams sure this is to the disappointment of the assistant manager in charge of RTW. She's been trying to convert me to Hermes RTW.
  5. ^Gosh, I thought it's just me, they do seem to be pushing the RTW a lot. :cursing: When I decided to collect scarves, they stopped asking me to look at their RTW, phew!
  6. We won't let her know mrssparkles!!!^^
  7. ^As I have limited funds, RTW can be worth my pennies if I buy classic coats and such where I'm not bother by it going out of fashion. But since, Mrs S, you live in such a warm climate, kinda tough to buy a wool coat :p That said, I still won't buy any. Scarves are already a ridiculous addiction!
  8. The La Danse du Cosmos scarf is my first 90x90 I bought (thanks to shopmom's enabling). And it's so gorgeous I caved in on the spot. And now, I have my eyes set on a few pieces as well, AirMess. I love the versatity of a full sized scarf but I don't think (I can't say never yet) I will be an avid scarf collector ~ as you know, the humidity here is not exactly a push factor.
  9. Kellybag: I just got started, so almost all things Hermes are on my wishlist right now, so it will not deter me (at the moment). Having said that, it does not mean I go out and buy everything in sight. My target is still 2 bags per year but I am still buying smaller H items.
  10. ^Mrs S, only buy what you like and save the pennies for other H items :nuts:
  11. you own a bag yet or just accessories?
  12. LOL - certainly no wool coats for sure, AirMess. Even when I travel, no coats. I like to travel light, and fuss free. So I'll always be in jeans, parka, sneakers and backpack - completely un-Hermes.

    Ooooo ... I hope no scarf addiction for me.
  13. Kellybag: Just accessories at the moment and sorting out my wants/wishlist. We are going to France in oct, so I am also playing it cool at the moment ;)
  14. Good for you princessfrog...bring your money to Paris and I want to hear about your acquisitions this Fall.
  15. yes yes,,, eBay stop calling me :shame: