Price hikers

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  1. I broke my nail and went to fix it and took my Azur speedy. The lady next to me said "Oh, I love Louis Vuitton." I smile and noticed she had a mono speedy. I said, "Speedies are great." She was all "I know, I can't believe I spent 1,000 on it". :tdown:I thought the speedy isn't even 700 yet. I just can't stand it when people lie about the price of their bags. It's like why do people have to be so phony?
  2. She probably just rounded the sum up? Not everyone are like us you know... who remember every single detail about everything bag-related...
    I don't see the problem, and you shouldn't get so worked up about it! I mean, those who know the bags would know how much they cost - don't worry about it!