Price Help please!!

  1. Does anyone know how much is the
    classic flap cost in Canada??
    1. small and Medium size in Caviar
    2. small and Medium size in Lambskin
    Also the reissue price!!
    1. 225
    2. 226
    3. 227

    Thanks for all the help!!
  2. I just bought the medium classic caviar in Canada. It was $2200 CAD. I don't know the other prices, but try a search. I know it's been posted before.
  3. thank u!!
  4. when i got my reissue it was about 2300+ for the 227. so by now it would have probably increased a bit
  5. Thank you! Yorelica! I just called Chanel boutique today, and the reissue for 227 is $2300 still. So, I guess there is no increase on the reissues!! :yahoo: