Price gouging at it's worst!

  1. I know Liz just ordered one, but is this an outlet or boutique bag and what was the retail?
  2. Wow! That is crazy!
  3. that is robbery! and on top of the ridiculous price and shipping another $7 for insurance!
  4. this is retail $398 i think.
  5. ^ :yes:

    Here's the pricing from LizCordova's Pond Ergo Tote post:

    "The Ergo Hobo does come in this color. Here are the style numbers and prices.
    I hope this helps in your decision.

    Medium tote 11012 $398
    Large tote with turnlock on front pocket No. 11336 $548
    Medium Hobo 11623 $348
    Large Hobo 11009 $458"

    So, this seller is listing the price for MORE than retail on the large tote !
  6. that is just so wrong...i hope that no one actually pays that much for it!! and grrr at the seller! :push:
  7. :tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
  8. the seller must be kidding!!! :tdown::tdown:
  9. Certainly not defending this seller, but this happens regularly. I've seen other listings for new releases that are not yet on the website or in stores. Sometimes the wording in the listings makes people think this item is the last one on earth. When they only need to do their homework and check with COACH directly, to see if the item is available, instead of overpaying for it.

    It's not likely that the bidder/purchaser will be a tPFer, because of our COACH knowledge!
  10. I totally agree.

    She can set the price of her bag for whatever she wants and good for her if she gets someone to pay that much for it. She's not forcing anyone to pay that much and if someone decides to pay that much, that's their prerogative. For those who don't like her price, hit the back button and don't bid. She's got something that is somewhat rare for the eBay market and that is part of what eBay is all about.

    Just my opinion... :shrugs:
  11. I agree as well :smile: The seller has all the right in the world to put the buy it not at that price. The person (if anyone) who choses or debates wether or not they want the purse chose to go on eBay. They can also choose to call Coach themselves to get the actual price or even search online. It is indeed all about choice, this woman is just trying to make money off of it, pretty much like everyone on Ebay.
  12. BUT...

    That is one beautiful bag!!!:drool::drool::nuts:
  13. wow, i could never possibly put my new pond baby up for sale - how she is parting with it is beyond me