Price for rock & chain flap?

  1. small one $1850.00
    large one $1975.00
  2. mahylicous,

    Thanks for your info.

    My sa only has white one. Should I buy from this eBay seller?

  3. Call around to various Chanel boutiques/Saks/Neiman Marcus stores- hopefully you can find a black one!
  4. The one on ebay is a teeny bit cheaper and she's a good seller too. But for such a small savings you are probably better off purchasing it from the boutique.
    In case you change you mind down the road you can still return or exchange for something else etc.
  5. Man I bought mine for like 2.2k. Feel kinda ripped off now hahahhaahha.
  6. the pics from ebay..looks like the smaller one...
    U better off..buying from boutiques..if there is only a small difference in price