price for magenta?

  1. okay, you people weren't kidding when you said that balenciaga was an addictive brand. in two weeks, i've purchased two bags (the work and an emerald day, which should be here today)... and now there's a magenta on eBay that i want in the very worst way.

    what is a good price for a magenta city? what kind of offer should i make?

    thanks for your help, girls! :heart:
  2. Older bags tend to go for more than retail, depending on the popularity of the color and the condition of the bag. My advice whenever there is a best-offer option is to offer what you are comfortable paying - you have nothing to lose. If my price range is way lower than the asking price, I tend to shy away from making an offer, as I don't want to offend the seller.
  3. No harm making an offer at a price you are comfortable with. Seller has the option to accept, decline, or make a counter offer. In my experience sellers with a best offer option will not be offended by offers approx $100-$150 less than BIN price. Good luck! Magenta is really pretty! :yes:
  4. i agree with luxe.... don't offer too low... Sellers either laugh at or take offense to low offers.

    that magenta is in great condition offer as you see fit.