Price for LV Grafitti, Panda, Cerises Pochette??

  1. Hi. I love the pochette and all the ones I want to buy one is discontinued. Perhaps the graffiti, panda or cerises. How much would be an okay price to pay for them? What if they are new or used? Thanks
  2. I recently paid $450 including shipping for my peach graffiti pochette, but my cerises and panda ones, I bought new from the store. I'd say anywhere from $395-$500 depending on condition would be good..somewhere in the middle though is probably best (around $425.)
  3. I saw a Cerise Pochette go for :heart:00usd on Let-Trade - that was a good deal!
  4. Yeah..the Cerises ones will be cheaper since it's still fairly new. I'd say closer to $300-$325 for that one.
  5. let-trade has good reputation here, never bought from here
  6. if you want a cerises pochette, i'd still try calling the Vuitton main line to see if there is a chance they can locate one for you :idea:
  7. Yep, cerise is the cheapest- the Panda and Grafitti are much more rare, especially the Graffitti if you're looking for a certain color.
  8. Which color of the grafitti line is more expensive and which is cheaper? :P Just curious... :shame:
  9. I am in the process of doing the same's my research and what I've paid:

    Cerises pochette: retail is $400..may still be some left. I wouldn't pay more than between $400-450 for a new one (I bought mine retail)

    Silver - between $350-450 (I'm bidding on one right now) - easiest to find
    Khaki - between $400-500....harder than silver to find
    Peach - between $400-500 (I bought mine for 380...I got a pretty good deal I think)...I would say these are the hardest to find and most expensive of the 3.

    Panda - I got a screaming deal on mine....look to pay upwards of $500 for this guy. But he's worth it...soooo cute

    Cherry Blossom:
    Brown/Pink - somewhere between $350-450 (deals can be found) This is the more common color
    Pink/Pink - somewhere between $400-500 (I paid $495 for a mint one) Harder to find than one above
    Cream/Red - somewhere between $450-600 (still searching). This is the hardest color to find!