Price for Luxury-Line Flap bag???

  1. Does anybody know the price for the black or bronze flap-bag from the luxury line??? It's such a wonderful looking bag and it's not too big as I can see here on pics :drool:
  2. My black metallic was 2225.00 + tax. It's a great bag!!!
  3. Thanx ;) Yeah, looks really beautyful!!!!:love:
  4. Yup, $2225.
  5. I paid around US$2600 for my silver one, including tax.
  6. Chloé-Love,
    In Europe I paid for Lux gold flap bag 1750Euro in summer. I do not know if prices were changed. I'd look tomorrow in boutique. :flowers:
  7. Thank you so much ;)

    In US you have to pay taxes for buying chanel??? Because it's import? :confused1:

  8. You pay taxes on about everything here.
    Most things are imported.
  9. Not just that, but there are sales taxes for each state too. How they fund a lot of state-wide projects (schools, parks, etc...) It varies from state to state, county to county. It literally adds another 10% to the sales price here. (San Diego County charges 7.75% I think)
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